Niobrara River at Sunrise from Bryan Bridge


Curious to see what has been happening lately at the MNNRD?

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This community driven Q&A published by the NRD focuses on questions regarding water rights and the role of Natural Resource Districts in Nebraska.
On October 18th, the MNNRD played host to the Old West Regional Judging. The contest went smoothly and was a success. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this happen.
MNNRD planted & donated 75 ponderosa pines to the Valentine Dog Park & Shelter, Borders Without Boundaries.
Brewer Bridge Landing was cleaned up. It got canoer ready with removing dead limbs off trees, cleaning up bushes, mowing, and fixing tables and benches.
Staff met with absentee landowners and took them on a field day to discuss the Long Pine Creek Watershed Project. This was to provide them with a learning experience and show them some conservation efforts that are happening in the area and different things they could get involved in to help improve...
Trees were cut, stumps and weeds were sprayed, the dam was cleaned, bushes were trimmed and dead tree branches were removed at Valentine Mill Pond to make it safe and more accessible.