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Fabric on new windbreak
Conservation Windbreak With Fabric

3,147,616 trees sold since 1980

60,700 trees sold in FY 2022-2023

3,659,754ft of fabric installed since 1980

A total of 27,000 trees were planted with 61,180ft of fabric weed barrier installed in 2023. 9,000 pines were also planted by a contractor in Spring 2023. 

Trees are planted throughout the district for livestock and farmstead protection from the sun and wind, to reduce soil erosion and atmospheric carbon dioxide, to enhance wildlife habitat, add aesthetic value, and to act as a living snow fence.

Ordering Trees

2024 Tree Order Form


2023 New Tree Booklet - tree_booklet_2023_low_res.pdf (

-Planting and Care Tips

-Species Selection

-NRD Information


  • Customer tree orders are due each fall.
  • Orders arrive to the MNNRD each Spring.
  • For a list of species available for order, or an order form please visit the New Tree Booklet link above.
  • Contact the office as early as possible for special orders.
  • Hand plant orders are packaged into a tight bundle, surrounded by moist shredded paper, and stored in the MNNRD tree cooler.
  • The MNNRD will call when the order is packaged and ready.
  • A pick-up day is also scheduled in Ainsworth for convenience.

Machine Planting

The MNNRD is capable of machine planting trees, and mechanically laying fabric as a weed barrier.

If you are interested in utilizing the MNNRD tree planting service, please contact the office at 402-376-3241

Site Preparation

Sites for machine planting must be prepared in advance. Depending upon soil conditions, tilling or mowing fall may be required. The MNNRD offers custom roto tilling at the rate of $120/hour and mowing at the rate of $95/hour with a 2 hour minimum.

Weed Barrier Fabric

The MNNRD can install weed barrier fabric on machine planted windbreaks. The fabric in a durable polypropylene geotextile woven fabric with a burlap like texture. The fabric is water permeable and conserves soil moisture. Fabric curbs weed growth, reducing competition for the tree seedlings. Some post-installation maintenance is necessary. Installation is $0.75/ft + tax.

Customer Installation

All components for drip irrigation is available for purchase at the MNNRD office. Please contact the office for assistance.

Planting Tips

Trees should be planted as soon as possible. Trees may be stored in a cool place (35-40 F) if planting is not feasible, or trees may be planted in a trench then later moved to desired location. Make sure tree roots are not bunched, that the soil is packed firmly to avoid air pockets, and to keep the soil moist,

Do not expose bare roots to be exposed to wind or direct sun. Dig a hole that allows roots to vertically extend their full-length while keeping the root collar at soil surface level. Back-fill dirt into the hole and pack firmly to avoid air pockets. Water thoroughly and mulch.