Long Pine Creek Watershed

The MNNRD with the help of JEO Consulting Group are addressing threats to water quality, streambed channelization, aquatic habitat and infrastructure within the Long Pine Creek Watershed (LPCW) by implementing Best Management Practices (BMP) within the LPCW and an In-Stream Structure (SD-14) on Sand Draw Creek (SDC). The SD-14 project was completed the beginning of June 2020 by Buer Bulldozing Inc. Efforts continue in the LPCW with another instream structure project (SD-4), that will build upon the success of the SD-14 project that is in process with final design, permitting, construction engineering, and implementation.

The NRCS Watershed Work Plan (EA) in the LPCW – Long Pine Creek Watershed Improvement Project, through the Watershed and Flood Preventions Operations (WFPO) Program is in progress with a final completion date set for April 2021. This planning focuses on 9 resource management concerns. Once the planning effort has been completed and approved, MNNRD will apply for USDA funding to address priority resource concern areas throughout the watershed. There have been two WFPO meetings held with a planned meeting for November 2020.

Priority efforts to address headcuts on SDC and to work with the Brown County Commissioners to address the loss of the Old Highway 7 Box Culvert are current funding needs.