tractor planting seeds

Custom Drilling

Tractor planting seeds in field
Haybuster no-till drill

The 10-foot drilling has three hopper boxes that will allow for large, small or native grass seed to be used. This drill is ideal for projects such as pasture renovations, soil erosion control, creating grass waterways, filter strips and creating enhancing wildlife habitat.

Every acre that is seeded with a no-till drill versus a conventional drill has the potential to save 4-5 tons of soil per acre and it is estimated that over 20,000 acres can be seeded during that useful life of this drill. Anyone interested in utilizing the drill is encouraged to contact our office at or 402-376-3241.

  • Grass seed is available in small lots, price quotes are available upon inquiry.
  • Custom drilling is offered at a price of $20.00 per acre.
  • $1.50 per mile mobilization fee
  • Minimum charge of $200.00
  • Cost includes operator, drill, and tractor