The Natural Resources District, NRD, is a unique system built to conserve, sustain, and improve natural resources and the environment.  In 1972, NRD’s were developed per watershed basins, instead of by political boundaries.  This system provided a more efficient management strategy, solving the issues of overlapping authorities and lack of funds.  Each District is governed by a locally elected Board of Directors, which ensures that local issues and concerns are addressed.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are dictated from 6 subdistricts plus one member at large.  Every two years different sub districts hold an election, leading to a director carrying a term for four years.  

Subdistricts are divided based on population for proper representation; to be considered a person must be a registered voter, submit a letter of desire, and reside in the sub district needing appointment.  Monthly meetings are held to sufficiently discuss and manage resources.

Mark Johnson, Kilgore
Justin Hammond, Vice-chair, Valentine
Leonard Danielski, Chairmain, Valentine
Cherryl Lovejoy, Treasurer, Valentine
Greg Wilke, Ainsworth
Marty Graff, Ainsworth
Dean Jochem, Ainsworth


Assistant/Office Manager
Zachery Peterson, zpeterson@mnnrd.org
Water Programs Supervisor
Tim Storm, tstorm@mnnrd.org
Natural Resource Supervisor
Dana Krueger, dkrueger@mnnrd.org
Administrative Assistant
Leslie Harvey, mnnrd@mnnrd.org
Watershed Coordinator
Chandler Schmidt, cschmidt@mnnrd.org
Natural Resources Technician
Kyle Temple, ktemple@mnnrd.org
Natural Resources Technician
Steffan Silva, ssilva@mnnrd.org
Natural Resources Technician
Kaleb Puncochar, kpuncochar@mnnrd.org
Natural Resource Intern
Sam Williams, swilliams@mnnrd.org