Watershed & Flood Prevention Operations (WFPO) Program

LPCWIP Public Meeting - 02-18-20
Wetland Delineations with Houston Engineering
LPCW WFPO Meeting August 6th, 2020

WFPO - Long Pine Creek Watershed Improvement Project (LPCWIP) 


USDA-NRCS Funding 

  • Helps Federal, State, Local, and Trival Governments (Project Sponsors) protect and restore watersheds. 

Purpose of the WFPO funds 

  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Watershed Protection
  • Flood Prevention
  • Water Quality Improvements
  • Rural, Municipal, and Industrial Water Supply
  • Water Management
  • Fish and Wildlife Habitat Enhancement
  • Hydropower Sources

The MNNRD combined two plans (Lone Pine Creek Watershed and Bone Creek Watershed Plan) into one plan (LPCWIP). The WFPO planning is a two-year process that will guide the MNNRD to effectively locate structural and non-structural projects to achieve watershed protection, agricultural water management, and public fish and wildlife goals for the LPCW. The purpose of the planning effort leads the MNNRD to address stream degradation due to excessive water flows which is degrading the creek systems, habitat, and private/public property. 

Potential projects that may come out of the two-year planning include but not limited too: 

  • Construction of various wetlands
  • Small Ponds
  • Grade Control Structures
  • Streambank Stabilization

The USDA-NRCS approved funding to the MNNRD for the LPCWIP on February 12th, 2019 with a final project agreement signed in June 2019. The MNNRD selected FYRA Engineering, Omaha, NE, to do the two-year planning.

Houston Engineering and MNNRD are currently in the final approval stages with final signatures of the WFPO Plan-EA. 

Once the final signatures are completed and the Plan-EA is officially approved, the MNNRD and Houston Engineering will begin the final design phase followed by the construction/implementation phase.