Seasonal Tree Help

The Middle Niobrara Natural Resources District in Valentine is seeking applicants to fill temporary tree planting positions starting in early April. These positions will have a minimum of 40 hours/week with opportunity for more. Successful applicants will report to the MNNRD office in Valentine on time, be willing to work in all types of weather conditions, be able to walk 3-5 miles a day and lift up to 75 pounds.

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Job Description

  • Report to the Valentine District office daily
  • Normal work day/week will start at 8:00 am M-S.
    • Hours may vary with weather conditions.
    • Saturday work hours may be offered.
    • The Natural Resources Coordinator will notify you the day before what time you need to show up at the office.
  • Preferred applicants should be willing to work over 8 hours per day as designated by the districts Natural Resources Coordinator.
  • Starting pay is hourly based on experience, overtime starts after 40 hours per work week and is 1 ½ times the normal hourly rate of pay.
  • Pay schedule is bi-weekly.
  • Work assignment dates will begin approximately April 1 and run through May 25 or until district planting responsibilities are completed.
  • Daily duties will included and may not be limited to:
    • Assisting with packing and sorting of trees
    • Loading and unloading tree deliveries
    • Loading/unloading fabric rolls
    • Filling drip irrigation orders
    • Cleaning and sweeping tree cooler area
    • Packaging and unpacking trees daily
    • Quality control
    • Verifying installed tree numbers/fabric measurements
    • Planting and installing trees
    • Dirt moving with shovel
    • Assisting with fabric installation operations
    • Placing staples in fabric
    • Assist with flagging tree sites
    • Lifting up to 100 lbs
    • Miscellaneous duties as delegated by districts Natural Resources Coordinator.
  • Employees receive paid training and will be required to comply with districts safety requirements.