Scrap Tire Collection April 8th & 9th


Thursday, April 8th and Friday, April 9th

10:00 am - 6:00 pm

***Empty lot on N Green Street East of the High School***

All sizes car, truck, pivot, semi & tractor tires accepted.

  • First come, first serve
  • No tire retailers
  • No SD license plates
  • No rims will be accepted
  • No assistance unloading tires
  • Cut off total: 300 ton

Fewer than 50 tires - Bring count of each type of tire

50 tires and more - Bring weigh ticket

Questions or if you have high volume

Call Kim @ 402-376-5842


  • RC & D
  • City of Valentine
  • NDEE

RC&D Funding: Free will offering appreciated

Pivot tire size: The goal- properly dispose of 300 tons of scrap tires.

RC&D is pleased to add the tire amnesty to the list of recycling collections we have brought to those in the 6 counties we serve.