Bone Creek Head Cut - Sept 2019

LPCW Phase 5 - WFPO Project Implementation

Sand Draw/Bone Creek Confluence, Sept 2019

Project Overview

Through the LPCW WFPO Plan-EA, 13 Area of Potential Effects (APEs) and approximately 36 structural and non-structural alternatives are proposed. The MNNRD has been pursuing stream degradation concerns in the LPCW since the 1970s. With the significant increase in stream degradation issues over the last several years, the MNNRD is working with Houston Engineering, and the NE USDA-NRCS State Office through their WFPO watershed planning efforts. 

Implementation of the stream restoration projects is critical to the overall watershed health, prevention of groundwater decline from stream degradation, reducing erosion and sedimentation, while improving water impairments, grade elevations, and aquatic habitat. Through the WFPO Plan-EA, the MNNRD is able to address multiple areas or projects at a time. 

Project funding for the LPCW WFPO Plan-EA is provided through the USDA-NRCS. Final design of the structural and non-structural projects is also funded through the USDA-NRCS which will commence soon followed by the construction/implementation phase of which will be funded through the USDA-NRCS, Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET), and MNNRD.