01-19-21 Cherry County WFPO Kickoff Scoping Meeting

January 19, 2021 | 6 - 8pm (6 - 8pm)

A public scoping meeting to address watershed protection, water management, water quality management, and public fish/wildlife habitat will be held at the Middle Niobrara Natural Resource District office at 303 E Highway 20 in Valentine NE on January 19th, 2020 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Project details can be viewed at www.mnnrd.org/water-resources. The two watershed areas being assessed are located southeast of Gordon, NE between Highway 27 and Highway 61 south of Highway 20 and approximately 8 miles south of Merriman, NE on the west and east side of Highway 61. If you are uncomfortable attending the meeting in person, you can attend virtually using the information at the end of this letter. The meeting will also be recorded and available at https://eacg.com/project/cherry-county-watershed-a-b-meeting/ for viewing at a later date. We request your comments by March 15th, 2020.

Please contact E & A Consulting Group, Inc. or the MNNRD if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about particular resources or have questions about the project. All public comments we receive will be used to help develop the Environmental Assessment.

E & A Consulting Group, Inc.                         Middle Niobrara Natural Resource District

Matthew Vanicek                                            Zachery Peterson

mvanicek@eacg.com                                    zpeterson@mnnrd.org

402-895-4700                                                  402-376-3241

10909 Mill Valley Road Suite 100                  303 E Hwy 20

Omaha, NE 68154                                          Valentine, NE 69201

www.eacg.com                                               www.mnnrd.org